Helping organizations to create new value and innovative forms of competitive advantage between Finnish and Japanese markets

Helping organizations create new value and new forms of competitive advantage



It was chilly Christmas night at Yokohama Port in 1968 when my parents set feet the first time on Japanese soil. They had no idea that Japan would be their home for the next 40 years. They settled in the port city of Kobe and I was born next summer in Tokyo. I would be living in this country for at least 20 years and it would be part of my identity, my story and my destiny.

My parents spent the first two years at a Japanese language school learning to read, write, speak and behave like a Japanese. My nanny and "personal coach" was Suzuki-san who took care of me during the classes. She was like my Japanese mom and made our family to speak mixed Finnish and Japanese for the next decades to come.

It took few years and I got one sister and four brothers. We went to the local kindergarden and preschool, got bunch of Japanese friends and finally though that we were Japanese as well. The first trip abroad to Finland was a shock. I was five and I realized that I'm not Japanese but not Finnish either. Years later I learned what the phrase "Made in Oslo, born in Tokyo" meant to me. I was multipotentialite Third Culture Kid, I had hybrid identity and it would define also my career. I would be transfering intelligence between diverse cultures, communities, domains and industries.

Today I'm happy husband and a father of two children. I know who I am, I know where I'm coming from and where I'm going, I work on things I enjoy and I live in Finland, the happiest nation on earth. What a grace.


Business drivers

To me... a meaningful business is a combination of good people, vast network, common trust, nonobvious solutions, robust experience, touch of positive madness and bunch of will power to see great results. The crucial success factor is human being as the most important piece in the middle of everything. When touching the emotions of individual and surrounding human network, we are in meaningful business.


These are the business drivers what I implement in four business focus areas. If these drivers sound good to you, this could be the momentum to do some business together!


Focus areas


Are you looking for solutions for content production in Finland or Japan? I have been working in digital media industry for two decades in multiple roles in both countries. Brilliant ideas and deep understanding of cultural nyanses create unforgetable stories.


Do you need entry ticket to the world famous Finnish startup scene and techy innovations? OR would that be the case at Tokyo side? Been there, done that for 7 years running own health tech startup in Helsinki with great network. I will help your business to succeed in Finnish, Japanese or English.


How to target your leisure business right way, get connected with unpredictable players and get to know about latest trends in Finland or in Japan? I have been helping dozens of leisure businesses to find their strengths and uniqueness. Let me help you to find relevant solutions for your activities.


Our personal health is everything to us no matter what business we do. I have been combining these elements together. I'm co-founder of mind wellbeing related startup once rated in Top 5 globally. I can help you with agile thinking and non-traditional solutions related to health and wellbeing industry.



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