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Helping organizations create new value and new forms of competitive advantage









Helping organizations to create new value and innovative forms of competitive advantage between Finnish and Japanese markets


Are you looking for solutions for content production in Finland or in Japan? I have been working in media industry for three decades in both countries as a fixer, producer, director, cameraman, interpreter and actor. Due to covid-19, the production of television programs has moved to online and a new era has started in content production between Finland and Japan. Authentic and unforgetable stories need to fit to the cultural context and that's where I can help you.


Our personal health is everything to us no matter what business we do. If you know your identity, be aware of your thinking and go regularly to sauna, you should be happy! I was co-founder of mind wellbeing related startup Newolo that was ranked among the top 5 in the world. We tackled work related stress by bringing technology and psychological methods together. Would you be interested in health tech related business thinking and solutions under these themes?


Outdoor lifestyle and offbeat travelling is my passion. I have been working as a tour guide and cross cultural consultant since 1990's and have helped dozens of leisure businesses to find their strengths and uniqueness. I am also the official Happiness Guide of Finland since 2019 and represent Finland, the happiest nation on earth. Target your leisure business correctly and get connected with unpredictable players and the latest leisure trends in Finland and Japan.


"If you know your identity,

be aware of your thinking,

and go regularly to sauna,

you should be happy"


I am the official Happiness Guide of Finland since 2019 when Finland was nominated the happiest nation in the world the second time in a row (World Happiness Report 2019). Visit Finland innovated a concept called Rent A Finn where anyone in the world could apply to visit Finland and be the guest of the eight happiness guides. I got excited about idea, applied the program and was selected. Since then I've been representing Finland primarily in the international press in various occasions.

TOP 5 happiness elements of Finland

Why Finland is the happiest nation of earth (as I see the picture)

  1. Common trust within individuals and authorities

    • The Finnish value system is based on human centered and very pragmatic Lutheran values

  2. Basic security of society

    • Everyone has equal opportunities, everything works well from education to social security and healthcare system

  3. Ability to be in silence and alone

    • Silence itself is a respected value in Finland

  4. A close and respectful relationship with nature

    • A crucial place for Finns to get relaxed

  5. Sauna bathing experience

    • The secret room of hot steam (Löyly) where average Finns visit at least once a week to get rid of stress

Want to hear more? Contact me and I will come to tell more to your organisation!


business drivers

My name is Juho Juutilainen. You may call me JJ as well. Great to have you here, welcome!!


To me... a meaningful business is combination of good people, common trust, nonobvious solutions, touch of positive madness and bunch of will power to see great results. The crucial success factor to me is a human being as the most important piece in the middle of everything. When touching the emotions of individual and the surrounding human network, we are in a meaningful business.


These are the business drivers what I implement in my competencies. If these drivers sound good to you, wouldn't this be the momentum to do something together!


They had no idea that Japan would be their home for the next 40 years. They settled in the port of Kobe and I was born next summer in Tokyo. I would be living in this country for at least 20 years and it would be part of my identity, my story and my destiny.

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