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Health is taken for granted until it's gone

That's what I realized in 2004 when I was diagnosed with melanoma, a skin cancer. The problem was dealed with one operation, some brief therapy and dose of depression pills. Life was back to normal routines in few months and in five years doctor told me that it's done and gone forever, hopefully. Little she knew that it would be back with the fierce power of terminator only in two weeks.

The second round started in 2009 and the fight against the beast became more and more desperate until certain death loomed in 2013. I had 196 visible tumors on my skin. Soon after I had planned my funeral, the doctor asked if I would be interested in participating in a clinical trial of immunotherapy as the first person in Finland? She didn't have to ask twice. In two weeks the tumors started to shrink and in a few months most of them had disappeared. I had to cancel my funeral plans and since then I've been sharing my story and speaking out in public for modern cancer research.

Cancer can be also something else than disaster. It's an opportunity for a new beginning and renewal of whole life. I turned the goosebumping encounter with death into a creativity and here are the fruits that are part of service portfolio today.




Cancer made me found a startup Newolo and create a service called Newolo VirtualCoach™, the online stress management training that improved emotional intelligence, resilience and social skills. The service was ranked in top 5 among the mental wellbeing startups globally. Since then health related digital innovations and solutions has become important part of my competence. I help businesses and organisations to boost their innovations.



I'm passionate saunner. During the toughest phase of cancer treatment, I channeled my resources into the sauna and avanto, ice swimming. I found it to be a very effective way to de-stress the body along with physical exercise. Just as mental and physical relaxation meet in a sauna, so too sauna and nature are inseparable elements. I am an active member of Sauna From Finland and promote Finnish tent sauna experience to the Japanese market.



My survival story, mental wellbeing findings during the startup years and my own coping strategies has opened great possibilities to share my learnings for the bigger audience. The topis are often related to resilience skills, renewing our minds, mental elasticity and stress prevention as boosters of home and workplace wellbeing. Contact me to discuss about the topics you are interested about or visit Speakersforum website.

Story in media


My story, cancer research promotions and fund raising campaigns in public

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