My Story


"Life is short. Eat dessert first."






I am an innovator, dot connector and solution maker.


I operate outside the box and between the boxes exhanging intelligence between the industries. To be simultaneously a serial entrepreneur, content producer, concept developer, graphic and community designer, speaker, host, mental agility expert, farmer and official happiness guide of Finland is quite a game to play. Nevertheless, versatility is a crucial part of my hybrid business philosophy. I help you to find a new perspective for your challenges and connect the unseen dots on your operational field. Let's meet up!


Hybrid culture indentity drives my elastic thinking and agile actions.


I was born in Tokyo and I've lived 20 years in Japan, mostly in Kansai region and Tokyo but on paper I'm Finnish. I'm a classic example of Adult third culture kid. A demand for continuous adaptation to the changing cultural environment developed good skills of mental elasticity, emotional intelligence and ability to pick up the weak signals and details that are often neglected. I speak fluently Finnish, Japanese and English. Smart communication skills and ability to create emotional connetions between parties are core elements for any good business. Shall we do something together?


My path for deep and meaningful happiness

JJ's formula for happiness

(Jokainen ykköskohta avautuu seuraavalla tasolla kolmena alaotsikkona)

Facing cancer in 2004 and the death face to face in spring 2013 changed me and my way of thinking more than anything has ever done before. Melanoma brough me almost to the grave and I avoided my own funerals by a hairbreadth. The experience laid a stable peace into my mind and deep, almost unconscious understanding where I'm coming from and where I'm heading to. During the 16 years tackle with cancer I've found myself thinking following three existential questions that has become also a fundamental questions for my happiness.


  1. Who I am? Find out who you are (Identity)

  2. Why I am here? Find out why you are here (Purpose)

  3. What is for me? Find out what is for you (Mission)


We human beings are created to share our lives together with other human beings. We have need of belonging, to be part of community. Without that experience our life lacks fundamental part of wellbeing and happiness. To gain that happiness we need to get connected in the following three diemensions.


  1. Love yourself (me)

  2. Love your neighbour (neighbour)

  3. Love the Higher Wisdom or God (god)


We can't get connected with our neighbours unless we get connected first with ourselves. You have to be able to be happy alone with yourself before you can be happy with other people. It's very simple formula but most challenging one too. It is a life lasting journey to work out these questions where the nature and silence is absolutely the best enviroment to do that. You will face your fears while being alone in the silence and most of people try to avoid the silence. That leads us to the three concrete steps to start a journey towards personal happiness.


  1. Facing fear: Solve the biggest fears in your life (me), that opens doors to the 3 existential Q's to walk in

  2. Forgiveness: Forgive everyone starting from yourself (neighbour)

  3. Listening heart: Learn to listen to your intuition and let it guide you (god)